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MBS changes for in-hours RACF visits from 1st March 2019

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MBS changes for in-hours RACF visits from 1st March 2019
by Shirley Fung - Monday, 29 October 2018, 1:14 PM


MBS changes for in-hours Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) visits from 1 March 2019

Since 1 March 2019, there are changes to the MBS items for in-hours RACF visits. There are NO changes to urgent after hours or non-urgent after hours RACF MBS items.

There are new in-hours RACF visit items to replace the old item numbers. The old items had a ‘ready reckoner" system – ie rebate is dependent on the number of patients seen during that visit. The new items do NOT have the ‘ready reckoner’ system. The new numbers can be claimed for each patient attended during a RACF visit.

There is a new flag fall amount/ call out fee for RACF visits:

  • #90001 for VR GPs – fee $55
  • #90002 for non-VR GPs – fee $40

The call out fee is only payable once per visit to a RACF. 90001 can be billed more than once on the same day when the practitioner is required to return to the RACF on a separate occasion on the same day. The call out fee is only paid when billed with one of the above new in-hours RACF items.

Please visit the March 2019 MBS Latest News page for full details: