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Mental Health Skills Training

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Mental Health Skills Training
by Andrea Vlores - Friday, 23 June 2017, 10:42 AM

There are 2 pathways in which GPs can obtain completion of MHST
  1. Completing a minimum 6 hour online course accredited as MHST by the GPMHSC Committee, or
  2. Completing a face to face course accredited as MHST by the GPMHSC Committee

If you would like to complete Mental Health Skills Training, there is an online option available via gplearning.

94398 - Mental Health Skills Training with a focus on youth mental health (gplearning)

The Mental Health Skills Training with a focus on youth mental health active learning module (ALM) provides general practitioners (GPs) with the skills to recognise and assess mental illnesses and to prepare evidence-based GP mental health treatment plans.
In recognition of these increased skills, GPs who have completed mental health skills training (MHST) gain access to additional MBS items 2715 and 2717.
The MHST modular pathway and this ALM consist of two modules:

A Mental Health Core Module, which provides an overview of the Australian mental healthcare system, aetiology of the common mental illnesses seen in general practice and how to complete mental health treatment plans.

A Mental Health Clinical Enhancement Module which provides participants with the opportunity increase their skills in detecting and managing mental illness in young people.

Please click on the below link to access the course on the RACGP website:

Every fortnight the RACGP's GPMHSC send a report to Medicare of GPs who have completed their Mental Health Skills Training and have a Medicare provider number in their system.

Medicare usually takes 4-6 weeks to process this and then they will send you a letter confirming that you are able to begin using the new MBS item numbers.

Another additional Mental Health Training with specific item number: 4001: for non-directive pregnancy support counselling services provided to women who are concerned about a current pregnancy, or a pregnancy that occurred in the preceding 12 months.  Rebates for up to three non-directive pregnancy support counselling services per patient, per pregnancy, may be claimed.

GPs who complete the Pregnancy advice and support (including assessment) activity on gplearning can use Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item number 4001 when consultations meet the necessary requirements.

Please contact the gplearning Helpdesk if you have questions about these courses:

gplearning Helpdesk
T: 1800 284 789

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